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Introduce your mushroom cultivation to the next level with our premium 3 lb all-in-one grow bags from Colorado Mycology Company. Made with top-of-the-line unicorn grow bags and durable 3M injection filter ports, these bags are designed for optimal growth, performance, and protection.

Our all-in-one grow bags are specially formulated for easy and efficient mushroom cultivation. You don't have to worry about sourcing additional materials or taking extra steps, as our bags already contain everything you need for successful mushroom growing. This includes the best coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum (CVG) substrate in the bag and ready to go.

Our all-in-one grow bags are made with only high-quality ingredients, guaranteeing the success of your mushroom cultivation. Order now and experience the convenience and efficiency of our all-in-one grow bags for yourself!


CV Substrate 

Introducing the CV Substrate from Colorado Mycology Company. Our premium coir-vermiculite blend is expertly crafted to provide an ideal growing environment for your dung-loving mushrooms.

Each bag of our CV Substrate is a perfect balance of coco coir and vermiculite, carefully hydrated to field capacity. This precise hydration ensures your mushrooms receive the right amount of moisture for optimum growth. We've taken the guesswork out of substrate preparation, making it easier for you to focus on growing.

What sets our CV Substrate apart is our meticulous pasteurization process. We heat the substrate to over 140°F for more than 6 hours, using innovative insulating methods. This thorough approach guarantees complete pasteurization, creating a clean and nourishing environment for your mushrooms. This level of attention to detail in our process means you can be confident in the quality and consistency of the substrate you're using.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cultivator, our CV Substrate is designed to make your mushroom cultivation more efficient and productive. It's ready to use right out of the bag, saving you time and effort in preparing your own substrate.

Choose Colorado Mycology Company's CV Substrate for your mushroom cultivation needs and experience the difference in quality and convenience. Start growing with confidence and ease, knowing you have a substrate that's been crafted with care and expertise.

Magic CV substrate (5lb)

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