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Introducing our rye grain spawn bags from Colorado Mycology Company, available in 1.5 and 3 pound bags. Our bags are designed to provide a conducive environment for your mushroom cultivation. They are made using only high quality food-grade ingredients and reliable Unicorn grow bags. Our bags are also equipped with durable 3M injection filter ports for efficient growth and protection.

Rye grain is a popular choice for mushroom cultivation due to its exceptional ability to hold water, providing a stable and moist environment for your mushrooms to thrive. The small grains also create a larger surface area for the mycelium to more easily spread and thrive as compared to something like popcorn.  Additionally, mushrooms of all types have a strong affinity for rye as a source of nutrition, making it an ideal option for your cultivation needs.

Experience the benefits of rye grain for your mushroom cultivation with our 3 lb rye grain spawn bags. Order now and see the difference for yourself!

2Lb Rye grain spawn bag with injection port

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